About The Creative Foundation

Learn about who we are, and why we’re here.

Jojo the Unicorn

Our Mission

To help people and solve problems in any way we can.

That’s our purpose at The Creative Foundation, to help. Our vision is to create a force of good, that stands for centuries, working to create and develop solutions, products, services, and really anything that solve problems and makes the world better for the people within it.

Whether its running events that educate or developing a platform to create your own life, the mission is, and always will be, to help people.

Our Values

We cannot stress enough the importance of appreciating those around you, those who help you; your friends, family, customers, yourself. No one builds an empire alone, understand that, put your ego aside, and be grateful to those around you.

It may seem like a bad idea now, giving more than you can, but trust us, you cannot lose when your helping others.

Your goal cannot be just money, your goal has to go beyond a monetary value. There all tons of billionaires that no one remembers. Money doesn’t leave a legacy, what you do with it does.

Nothing, and we mean nothing is impossible. You are only limited by resources, time, and your faith. Overcome two of those and you’ll win.

There are billions of people in this world, billions of people much different than you. You aren’t working for yourself, you are working for them, for the better of the world. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will be making impactful and beautiful decisions.

You will not be great at everything, and that’s okay, that’s what makes us humans. Recognize your weaknesses and worry about your strengths. Don’t try to be great at everything, it’s not worth it.

There is nothing more painful than doubting yourself. Never will there be anything harder to deal with than the feeling divided amongst one’s self. You are amazing, you are smart and intelligent, believe in what you say and do, deal with the consequences later.

There is nothing more powerful than being positive, there is nothing better you can do to the world than to spread positivity. Make profitable decisions, yes, but make decisions that spread positivity to everyone.


Leave a legacy, not a burden.

Overconfidence and comfort destroy the chances of The Creative Foundation standing high forever. Constant change or die.

Our Plan

To continue growing our companies and opportunities. 

To continue bringing value to everyone we interact with; clients, customers, employees, people.

To bring joy and happiness to people everywhere through solving tough problems and creating amazing products. 

To continue trying our best to find value where others can’t.

Our plan, now and forever, is to build a force of greatness no one can stop.

We will never stop.

fail fast.

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