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It’s like a timeline.

June 15, 2019

Kreative Sneakers Launches the Free Table Program

A way to get resellers to promote SneakerFest Summer, Kreative Sneakers created a program for them to acquire free tables in exchange for ticket sales.

MAY 30, 2019

SneakerFest Summer is Set

Location, time, and pricing is complete for Kreative Sneakers’ first event.

april 23rd, 2019

Kreative's First Sale

From one of HackTomorrow’s sponsors

April 16th, 2019

Second Sponsor for HackTomorrow

Pusher, one of the top real-time channel building API’s became a sponsor!

april 7th, 2019

Kreative Sneakerfest Launches

Yup, Kreative is in the sneaker game now. Armaan partners up with sneakerhead friend Josh to put together Chicago’s favorite sneaker convention, coming July 2019.

FEBRUARY 12th, 2019

Kreative Brand v2

The Kreative brand revamps its colors, branding, and styles.

FEBRUARY 5th, 2019

First Sponsor for HackTomorrow

The good folks at NIU Eiger Labs in Naperville were the first to sponsor the event to launch Kreative Tomorrow.

January 16th, 2019

Venue Is Set For HackTomorrow 2019

After a long time (around 8 months), the idea of Armaan throwing a hackathon for The Creative Tomorrow is slowly becoming a reality as negotiations and talks for a venue in Chicago with TechNexus solidifies.

January 13th, 2019

Divisions of Interests Are Set

The different companies that The Creative Foundation will be focused are agreed upon and their goals and plans aligned for the coming year.

january 10th, 2019

The Beginnings of The Creative Dev

While working on different revenue streams to ensure a profit for 2019, Armaan decided to reboot the idea of a development agency (like The Creative Digital), but only focusing on core competencies. The plan – build credibility, destroy the rest.

january 2nd, 2019

HackTomorrow Starts Again

With a goal of turning a profit in 2019 and making sure The Creative Tomorrow is a success, Armaan starts to work on the HackTomorrow hackathon again with a good friend, Wyatt Otto. This time, HackTomorrow will be for High School students and take place in Naperville.

January 1st, 2019

$5000 in net profit

The Kreative Foundation’s new year resolution.

DEcember 29th, 2018

TCF Accounts Is Scrapped And Built Again

After debating to use third party services and libraries (as these were causing unbearable problems) or just building it by himself, Armaan decided to redo the TCF Accounts API and web app in a matter of a couple days, consisting of more feature than when AWS Cognito was used.

December 23rd, 2018

The Business of The Creative Games Is Realized

While working on the business plan for The Creative Games, Armaan realized that the business, the value was not in the games, but instead in the advertising engine that allows the game to exist; The Creative Rewards. This sparked a new course of action and more solidified outlook for the future of this company.

november 19th, 2018

Moneyrun v3.2 Arises

A much more flat and material look spun off from the Moneyrun v3 UI design went into production.

December 7th, 2018

Kreative Hunt Starts

A live scavenger hunt game happening 24/7 where everyone can join becomes a new venture for The Creative Games. Unlike Moneyrun, The Creative Hunt had more business opportunitiese making it a bit more investor friendly.

november 29th, 2018

Funding Becomes A Goal For Kreative Games

Armaan is usually against the idea of allowing people to invest. It brings on people who care more about money than mission on the team and allows more people to change the direction of The Creative Foundation, but Moneyrun needs funding. As explained in a short journal entry below. (Ignore the messy handwriting…)

november 26th, 2018

Logan Quit The Moneyrun Project

Being boggled down my his own responsibilities, Logan felt he couldn’t put in the time needed for Moneyrun, and so he quit.

november 25th, 2018

TCF Accounts Is Finally Built

After a long time, Kreative’s universal login system is built using Vue.js, MongoDB, AWS Cognito and a couple other things. This project was built as fast as possible (6 days after a prototype of the UI) as it’s the main component for managing accounts in The Creative Game’s upcoming mobile game, Moneyrun.

november 23rd, 2018

The Creative Link Finished

As it was a side project. the project was built with “scrappiness” in mind. Armaan wanted to build this out as fast as possible, thats the main reason the Leaderboards feature was left out.

november 19th, 2018

TCF Accounts Prototype is Complete

This was the second version of the program and the UI design is finished in Figma.

november 16th, 2018

The Creative Link Prototype Is Complete

This was a side project for Armaan, and the first version of the prototype for The Creative Apps URL Shortener was finished with features to build a Cretive Link, track it, and customize it.

november 15th, 2018

TC Wallet v1 Prototype Is Complete

This was the second version of the app and the UI design is finished in Figma.

november 8th, 2018

Moneyrun Prototype Is Complete

Another vital step towards completing the Moneyrun project within 6 weeks, Armaan finished the UI prototype of the screens in Figma

november 6th, 2018

TCF Accounts API Is (Finally) Built

After a long time and multiple versions, a decent and workable version of TCF Accounts API is built. This was not production ready nor did it include a web interface and universal login system.

November 6th, 2018

Moneyrun's Game Concept Is Born.

While “reading” MacBeth in English, Armaan drew up the concept for Moneyrun, a game that pays you by The Creative Games. The original prototype can be seen on the left margins in his MacBeth play book.

November 5th, 2018

The Creative Digital Is On Hold

Armaan decided to stop working on The Creative Digital for a couple reasons. He wanted to spend all his time working on Moneyrun and The Creative Digital wasn’t interesting enough for him. Up until then, it was just a way to build dependable revenue.

november 3rd, 2018

The Creative Wallet Becomes Real

The Creative Wallet, a wallet system for asset management between games becomes a vital part of the Moneyrun project.

November 2nd, 2018

Moneyrun Version 3 Begins

After reading an article about another popular game, during 7th period lunch Armaan got it with a new idea that could solve all the problems previous version of his passion project had, and swore to build a working prototype in 3 weeks. He quickly got his friend Logan to be a part of the project once more.

october 6th, 2018

The Creative Tomorrow Is Stopped

Armaan was selling himself short trying to run The Creative Digital and Tomorrow, so he decided to stop working on the latter and focus on building a client base for The Creative Digital.

September 28th, 2018

The Creative Digital Launches.

After throwing around different services and concepts, Armaan decided to persue the technology agency.

september 20th, 2018

The Creative Games Dies Down.

With a strong focus on The Creative Tomorrow and the added workload, Armaan wasn’t able to keep up with The Creative Games, and its goal to launch 150 games by 2019 had no possibility to be met.

September 16th, 2018

Zachary Ostas Leaves

After some dispute that was never able to be resolved (as Zach was unresponsive), The Creative Foundation’s first employee quit on Armaan.

September 9th, 2018

First Employee for The Creative Foundation

On a commission based salary, The Creative Foundation hired Zach Ostas for The Creative Tomorrow, responsible for getting sponsorships. Zach showed to be the perfect fit for The Creative Foundation after Armaan reviewed around 56 candidates.

august 15th, 2018

The Creative Coin Manifests.

After thinking for a long time about what will make The Creative Games a hit, Armaan had the idea of people staying within the brand versus within a specific game through a shared economy that traveled with the player.

July 23th, 2018

The Creative Tomorrow Starts

What started as just a hackathon called HackTomorrow became a whole branch in it of itself.

july 2nd, 2018

The Idea For TCF Accounts Is Made

Knowing he wanted to create a way to allow everyone access to everything The Creative Foundation builds, Armaan had the idea for TCF Accounts, a universal login system similar to Google Accounts.

JUne 28th, 2018

The Creative Games Launches.

Instead of focusing on the original Moneyrun game that died, Armaan decided to launch a game studio with a couple people he met online from around the world and his friend Logan Searle.

JUNE 27th, 2018

Moneyrun Version 2 Gets Scrapped

A two year project run by Armaan and a friend a got scrapped as the project became too complicated

June 12th, 2018

The Creative Foundation Opens It's Doors.

The LLC papers came back after 6 weeks, approved. Registered to Armaan Gupta (Guppythegod) in Naperville, Illinois, it began.

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